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You've reached Sam Chupp's home page on the web.

Important: if you are looking for The Bear's Grove Podcast, those files are now archived here -

A brief description: Sam is a father, a writer, game designer, kid gaming advocate, a techno Geek Hero and role-player.

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I don't update this site very often these days, but you can go to many other locations to learn more about me presently. Start here, which is my Tumble Blog: it will have all the updates for my recent blog postings and podcasts. For up to the minute updates, check out my Twitter address.

This site is organized so that you can learn more about me the longer you decide to browse it. Check out the explanation of the sigil above for more information about what section of the site you may find most interesting. Note, however, that you may find out information you wish you didn't know. I don't feel I should have to hide anything, and as a result, I don't hide much!

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