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Who am I?

My full name is Samuel Hodges Chupp, I was born July 18, 1967 in Atlanta, Georgia. I lived in Conyers, Georgia for most of my life, graduated from Heritage High School in Conyers in 1985, went to the University of Georgia at Athens from Fall of 85 until the Spring of 86, took a year off, got married, went back for a quarter, got a paying job and haven't been back since. I got a job with White Wolf Game Studio shortly thereafter, moved to Atlanta and then to Norcross. After a brief stint in Hell (a.k.a. New Jersey) I came back to Georgia in 1996, divorced my now-ex wife of 9 years, Leigh Ann Hildebrand, and moved in with my kids in August of 1997. Now I am their primary caretaker. I met my now-ex-partner, Cynthia Armistead in August of 1998, fell in love with her later on in the Fall, and in March of 99 we (the children and I) invited her to live with us full-time. Cynthia has a daughter, Katie, and of course they're a package deal. We broke up January, 2012.

What's your recent news?

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So who all is in your family?

There's Cynthia, and the most important people, the children: Rowan (13) and Genevieve (10) are my children. Cynthia's daughter is Katie (11).

Just what religion are you, huh?

A very personal question, but I'll answer it. I am a Unitarian Universalist. I have found that earth-centered traditions have always warmed the cockles of my heart and soothed my soul, so I choose to identify myself as a Pagan, as well, which means, "From the Land." I don't identify as a Wiccan, or a Satanist. I am also very interested in Zen teachings and have been studying them for many years.

Pagan, huh? Isn't that kind of freaky?

If by that you mean, "Do I dance naked around bonfires?" the current answer is "no." I might be open to doing so at some point in the future, provided there were no adverse environmental concerns. Mostly the pagan part of my own personal theology provides comfort and explanation of life and its cycles. I see the way the moon waxes and wanes, the way the seasons flow, each into the other. This has taught me about the cycles of life. I feel the divinity within me, the spark of divine fire that is in us all.

I don't call myself a witch, a shaman, or a druid. I do pray, and sometimes my prayer takes the form of ritual, dance, or singing. I don't demand to be called "Lord Whatever" and I don't believe that you need to spend thousands of dollars on crystals to achieve enlightenment. I have learned to see past the tools and toys and get to the basic truths they represent.

Does this mean you're anti-Christian?

Absolutely not. I feel that Christ is a very important figure in history and religion. I feel that sometimes the worship of Christ has gone beyond the teachings of Christ. I still find great enlightenment and comfort in Christ's teachings. I believe that he was the Son of God, just as I feel you are the Son or Daughter of God. We are all Children of God(dess). On the other hand, I have learned enough about the origins of the King James Bible that I no longer accept it as history. I feel that it is an interesting historical document. But not, as some believe, absolute unrefutable truth. I will not argue with anyone who believes differently, however, because I feel that it is totally in keeping with their belief system and I would not wish to demean or impugn that belief system. I do not feel that they are wrong, just because I don't believe their way.

Are you raising your children to be pagans?

I'm raising them to be Unitarian Universalists until they are old enough to choose for themselves. Earth-centered traditions are one of the six sources of Unitarian Universalism. We do observe Christmas, Easter, Samhain, the Solstices and the Equinoxes, Beltaine, Imbolc, Lammas, and other days. We have studied paganism using the book Circle Round, and several other such books for children. As time goes on, I expect to study other religions with them.

What games did you design?

I was part of the design team for Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Mage: The Ascension, Wraith: The Oblivion, and Changeling: The Dreaming. My current projects are confidential at the moment, of necessity.

You don't talk much about your ex-wife. What gives?

Leigh Ann is the mother of my children, and as such deserves the respect that is due her by her children, and I work to further that whenever possible, so any negative comments I may have to make, I'll just keep to myself. Plus, she has an extremely litigious father.

So why did you spend a year in New Jersey?

It's a long story. Suffice it to say I had a job offer which fell through and I got stranded there. Some wonderful friends took me in and helped me get back on my feet again.

Was New Jersey really hell?

No, it wasn't really hell. But it was VERY VERY cold. I had a good time there, but I really missed being apart from my kids.

Are you ever gonna marry Cynthia?

I am committed to her as a life partner, and we have gone through many years of challenges together. I think that we will continue to work together in this fashion. Will we ever get married? Well, time will tell. It is not for a lack of love between us, I assure you. Our commitment to each other is strong.

What do you think of polyamory?

I think it's appropriate for some people in some situations. I am always very concerned about any sort of polyamorous thinking and how it affects children: frequently in the Famous Poly Meltdowns, it is the children who are most harmed.

I support the idea in concept and think it is a great lifestyle choice for some, who are willing to do the work to make it work, and who have ample time and resources to make it healthy and sane. I am concerned that everyone involved in polyamory everywhere make sure that they do it sanely and consensually.

For my part, I am starting to believe that polyamory will be a part of my life for the rest of my life.

Are you famous or something?

Not really, no. I'm just this guy. It is enough, for me, to be remembered as a Daddy, to be thought of as a friend, to be recognized as a good husband and a good love, and to have at least one person save my words after I'm gone. That will be enough.