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The Air

I went searching for the truth
But in my innocence I found
All the con men and their acrobats
Who stomped me in the ground
If I count up their percentages
I know they're getting rich
But they haven't taken everything
Those paybacks are a bitch

Though I've lost quite a lot
I am still in control
They can keep what they've got
But they can't have my soul
And if I don't have this all worked out
Still I'm getting closer, getting closer
I still have far to go no doubt
But I'm getting closer, getting closer
- By Billy Joel , "Getting Closer"

Here are my thoughts, ideas, and a compendium of knowledge I've gained, as well as some of my writing.

I have a Bookstore in the Grove. It's here.

I wrote a bunch of stuff when I was a wizard on Cajun Nights, some of it is valuable, some not. It's here if you're interested.

Or, cross over into the Fiery area and read some of my more passionate thoughts.

Finally, here is a list of links.