Tarafear, Bardai Regna (Royal Bard), Baroness Rosewood, Magistra of the Silver Grove Collegium, Heartsinger, Treesister

Mikalrik E'Graal, Envoy of Graal's Deep, Baron Rosewood, Grand Master of Tourneys, Master of the Pearlescent Wings, Knight Marshal of the Six Winds; His Puissance, the High Holy Warrior of Graal, taz'n Kinaar, taz'n Malrik, sh'z'n Vivael.

Jillian Tealeaf, Treemother, Baroness Rosewood, Speaker for the Land in the Brotherhood of the Stag, Archdruidess

Her Silver Highness, Javielle, Taniesta Argentum, Heir to the Moonsilver Throne, sister of Baroness Rosewood, daughter of Lalwende Gemblossom, Lady Moonwhisper.

Medlonian, Baronial Heir Moonquiet, Archmagus Elementa, Master of the Pale Tower,

Corianna Niamaera, foster-sister to Princess Javielle.

Clarissa Lithestone, foster-sister to Princess Javielle, Banneretta Gaolbae.

Holy Radiance Jayce Kaifur, Chaplain Rosewood, High Priest and Divine Agent of Orielle.