Cora-Ni Stories

Welcome to the Magical Country. Work began on this life-spanning project in 1975, when I was 9 years old. Since then, I have re-created the Magical Country over and over again. The latest incarnation is being played today. Player characters from previous ages of Cora-Ni are constantly appearing in the current-day storylines as Non-Player Characters. So, if you have ever played in Cora-Ni, your character becomes a part of the warp and weft of the story of the entire world.

This website is set up to be an introduction to the Magical Country and also to be a background for the Live Journal Community called "Cora-Ni Stories."

Currently there are four campaigns running in Cora-Ni. One is strictly for children, and will not be listed here until I get permission from their parents. The other three are:

"Silken Moonlight" is a 7th-level campaign set in and around Blacpool, a powerful city in Cora-Ni.

"Of Crown & Rose" is a 15th-level campaign set around the barony of Rosewood, a fief near Lunargen Castle, the capital of the Silver Forests.

"Hawk, Stag & Raven is a 7th-level campaign based in the heroic activities of the Brotherhood.