The Bear's Grove


Why the Bear's Grove?

First of all, you should know that I am a bear-man. I often kid that I am a were-teddy-bear, because I like to snuggle a great deal. There are times when I get snuggled from behind and it makes me feel like a big stuffed bear. I love cuddles!

Second of all, I love being out in the forest. I love trees, so hence the "Grove" part is appropriate.


Third of all, there are mythic resonances at work here. Since I've come to identify with the Bear inside of me, I have grown to understand that energy and what it means for me. Plus, I have long identified with the plight of young King Arthur, as he struggled with his love of both Guenevere and Lancelot and tried to resolve that love in some way. Even though the Arthurian tale ended in tragedy, there is hope left at the end of the story that Arthur would one day return when he is most needed.

The word Arthur has as its root word, "Bear", as well.

My Interpretation of Arthur

Arthur is a tragic hero, a dying king, I interpret him as being a proponent of justice, love, honor, equality, and freedom. He is both a Christian and a Pagan symbol. His goal is to unify, create, build, not destroy. I choose to point out these aspects instead of dwelling on Arthur's negative aspects and actions (such as when he ordered the May Babies slain in a move worthy of King Herod), his jealous pursuit of Lancelot, his stupidity, his shortsightedness, his betrayal of the Old Religion.

I don't pretend that I am Arthur. I just feel a kinship with him and sympathy for his situation. In the end, he just wanted peace and for everyone to get along, for women to feel safe and men to feel ennobled. Not a bad goal, in my opinion.

Keneally's Books on Arthur

How lovely it was to see Arthur and his bear-resonance listed in Keneally-Morrison's books on Arthur. In fact, there is even a place in her books called "The Bear's Grove." Very cool.

Just Because

I just needed a moniker for the site, and this one is as good as any.