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The Water

We sailed up a river wide as a sea
And slept on the banks
On the leaves of a banyan tree
And all of these spirit voices rule the night

Some stories are magical, meant to be sung
Song from the mouth of the river
When the world was young
And all of these spirit voices rule the night

- by Paul Simon, "Spirit Voices"


Here are my dreams, my memories, and things emotional. This page is meant to be sappy and sentimental. So, deal.


Dreams, both waking and sleeping, have had a great deal of effect on me throughout my life. Some of my dreams have come true: I've travelled to Ireland, I've written a novel, I've worked at a game company. I never thought I would do those things for certain, but I did have dreams that propelled me forward.

I am a firm believer of dreams as doorways to the unknown and the unconscious. We are all, every one of us, tapped in to the divination switchboard, a direct line to our own subconscious that knows much more than we consciously know.


Here is my library of roleplaying games that are still mostly clad in Dream, but which will one day see the light of day.

Here are my desires, where water meets fire and makes steam.


I mostly miss my old friends, but they are still with me in memories.


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