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Games on Dream's Bookshelf

Empty Shelves

I've tossed most, if not all of the projects that were once listed here...the ideas got old and stale. I'm actually not working on anything that I can publically talk about right now. But you will hear about it on my pages first!

Not Any More

Here's something funny: All of the ideas below were posted as "proto-proto" ideas of mine, games that I would *love* to design if I could get permission/time/resources to do so. And so far, all of them have been *made* - by other people. Cool, huh? Here they are:

Neat, huh? Pretty good, Chupp - you called the shot!


Once posted here was the idea of an idea (a proto-proto-idea) to do a game on the Keltiad, a fine series of novels by Patricia Keneally-Morrison. However, I got an email today from someone claiming to be Ms. Patricia Keneally-Morrison's agent. He wants me to cease and desist "production" on the anything having to do with her Keltiad series of novels. Well, since the ideas in my "proto proto" section were not in production at the time and haven't been moved to "production" since - and since I've *read* Ms. Keneally-Morrison's website, where she threatens to magically and spiritually and legally destroy anyone who even *THINKS* of doing anything with her property, you can be certain that the idea's *gone*. Poof. End of story. So much for wishful thinking! I wish Ms. Keneally-Morrison nothing but the best and hope she continues to receive all the praise and success that she so richly deserves.