Palm Pilot Software

I have a Palm Pilot m125. I got it for my birthday this year. I cannot believe that I have dealt with life without it for so long! It is a wonderful tool for me. The only problem I'm having right now is the To Do List thing. I think of things all the time to enter, but I don't always have time to enter them. Oh well! I'm getting there. Below are some applications that I really love for the Palm.

The Web

I have yet to make any web-enabled app work on my Palm Pilot m125. It's really annoying, too! But, I can make a combination web spider / web page reader work. My favorite of these kinds of software is Plucker. It's open source, and it downloads web pages extremely well. I use this to keep up with my Live Journal friends.


Cesium that will do three billion things to do with time. I would very much recommend it to you.

But, you will also need to get TimeSync set up: this will keep your PC in sync with your Palm. Then, you need to make sure you have Dimension 4 software set up to serve the time to your PC and keep *it* current.

Cesium costs $5, TimeSync, $4.95, and Dimension 4 is postcardware (you gotta send them some egoboo, in other words.

The thing I like most about Cesium is that it has some really nice alarm sounds for being obnoxious and waking you up, and it will do a count-down timer, chronograph, everything. TimeSync means never having to worry that you're out of sync. And with Dimension 4, you'll not have to worry that you are not synced with the Atomic Clock, which means other people will be asking you the time!


I use Quicken and Pocket Quicken. They rock!

Role Playing Game Aids


This is a multi-platform Java-based d20 character generator. It can be hard to install and get working, but once you do, it's awesome. Just make sure you have the recommended version of the Java Runtime before you try to run it. It also comes with a software called PCGENVIEW which is for the Palm. PCGENVIEW allows you to keep track of your character and also offers dice-rolling support. It is an awesome piece of software. Basically, you create the character on PCGEN, import it over to PCGENVIEW, and then you can use PCGEN to manage your character's hit points, prepare spells, use equipment, etc., etc. There's even combat support! It's seriously cool.