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New: Read my newest polemic, "Hiding His Sources"

Over time I've written a few polemics, the purpose of which was to stir up Usenet a little and perhaps get some stimulating conversation going.

"The Mill": A Valediction concerning creation"

This was a fiery piece written in response to many things going on in my life at the time. I've also included a few of the responses to the original post in the file. "The Mill" was made fun of and laughed at - I keep meaning to go back and ask how those young freelancers who mocked me are doing now. At any rate, I do wish them well. In retrospect, this polemic does seem pointed directly at White Wolf, Inc. - however the strange thing is that I really didn't write it with WW in mind. I posted to because I felt like that was the only NG where anybody would know me. It was fiery and dramatic for a reason - I wanted to get some reaction. I can see that I did. BTW: I'm not a communist.

"One Grump's Perspective"

This polemic is essentially my foreboding "Things Had Better Change" sort of theme. It drew a lot of response, you can check the responses out on GoogleGroups by doing a search with the word "Grump" in it.

"Why Things Are"

This little bit was in a newsgroup post. It goes into a brief explanation on why things are the way they are at White Wolf.