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Roleplaying Games!

First Things First

I love them.

I wrote and designed a few. I'm continuing to do so!

I run several D&D Third Edition campaigns.

I frequently run LARPs for kids.

I have a kids and roleplaying games mailing list and a Live Journal about kids and RPGs.

Here is some free World of Darkness Content that I wrote and here is an In Nomine piece that I did.

RPG-Related topics

Why So Little Gaming, Sam?

Looking at the Roleplaying Games I Love page, gosh, it seems like I haven't really played very much. I have. Just a lot of AD&D, a lot of Werewolf, a lot of Mage, and now a lot of D&D Third Edition. Plus, I have a real life, a real job, real children, and a real partner. These things take up real time. Obviously I'd love to game more - but I have responsibilities to attend to. I prefer to get quality over quantity gaming these days, anyway. I tend to be something of a gaming snob - if something isn't going to be fantastic, I really don't want to play.

Always a GM?

Pretty much always. I rarely play. Mainly because I have tremendously high standards for being a GM, and if I can't find a GM that meets my standards, then I don't want to play with them. I have been honored to participate in the games of Nicky Rea and Jackie Cassada, Beau Barineau, and a few others. I truly enjoyed my time playing with them. But ultimately, I think I will always be a Storyteller / Game Master / Whatever. It sounds arrogant, and perhaps it is, but that's how I am and I don't really think I'm going to change from that position.

Confessions of a Monty Haul GM

I have always been a "Monty Haul" GM. What does this mean? Well, it means I've always been very giving with neat-o keen powers and stuff. No matter what I would play, I always wanted my players to be playing the best of whatever they're playing. I wanted my players to dearly love their characters from the very start. There is a theory which states that one should work hard and continuously to get these self-same levels of power and I suppose it's valid. But for me, I have always wanted my the characters my players played to be Larger than Life, Powerful, Characters To Be Reckoned With. That doesn't mean they never had any challenges. Not by a long shot! Still, being Monty Haul has a bad rep, and rightfully so in some instances. I have heard of people playing outlandish characters that just wouldn't fly even in my games. Still, ultimately, the concept is this: if you can still maintain game balance, then what's the problem?

On my "Game Geeking" page I will one day write about some of these powerful characters.

RPG Advocacy

Here is my roleplaying manifesto.

Here is my Women and Gaming page.

Children in Gaming

The roleplaying hobby is at a turning point, and it is time for all adult roleplayers to engage children in the art of roleplaying and create the next generation of roleplayers in so doing.

Collectible card games, video games, and comic books have moved in to replace RPG's in children's lives. The Nickelodeon generation needs to be shown the light.

My advice: find a group of kids and play a game with them.

I felt so strongly about this topic that I created a mailing list and a Live Journal community about it. Click here for more information about the list, and here to read the Live Journal.

Tips on GM'ing Kids


I had a great time running Six Stones at a Dragon*Con. Check the Six Stones page for more details.

Click my bio for more information if some of this stuff makes no sense to you.

My bookstore has a lot of nifty gaming books in it.