Six Stones

Below are listed each of the 15 characters of Six Stones along with a brief write-up of each one. Please note that pronouns are flexible here. In other words, I am not tied to a specific gender playing a specific character - the Princess can become the Prince, for example, or the Knight can be female.

Hint: write down the names of the characters you are interested in because you will have to submit your top three choices when you register.

Cleric (Keyword: Prayer)

This wise Cleric is an orthodox, one who wishes others to live by the rules of his religion. He believes fervently in the power of Prayer to overcome all things. It's well known he is a friend of the Princess, the Knight, and the Judge. The Sage and he have frequent conflicts and debates, and he does not like the Healer's insistence that healing comes from within. He does not believe in faeries, ghosts, or monsters except that perhaps they are servants of the Dark.

Faerie Cat (Keyword: Mystery)

A cat from the faerie woods who wants to find out secrets and discover new things. Curious to the extreme, the faerie cat is often getting into trouble. Her magical faerie nature means she's very good at hiding. What mysteries has she learned in her life? What might she share with others? She does not believe in Clerics and Judges and such - doesn't understand them - humans are a mystery, except of course the Gypsy, who is a faerie friend.

Faerie Dog (Keyword: Loyalty)

A dog from the faerie forest who is along to try and protect his Cat friend from getting into trouble. Loyal and brave, the faerie dog has a keen sense of smell. The faerie dog is very loyal - when he makes friends, it's friends for life. He can make other people's hopes come back if they lose hope. He doesn't understand human beings very well, but he tries to help those who are not mean to him.

Ghost (Keyword: Secrecy)

Who knows what secrets lie past the veil of death? The ghost knows. She is a spectre from beyond - and nobody can see her, except those she reveals herself to. The problem is, she can't pick up or touch anything, and can't move far from the place where she haunts. Still - she knows many secrets. Stories conflict on what she truly is: some say he was once a queen, others believe she was a serf, still others swear up and down she was once a great sculptor. No one knows for sure, and unless the Ghost speaks, neither will you!

Gypsy (Keyword: Wiles)

Cunning, charming, irascible, the gypsy lives her life free from oppression - well, as free as she can, away from the long arm of the Law. Her wiles allow her to enchant, escape, and foretell. She is friends with the Sage, the Healer, the Hunter, and the faeries. Frequently she gets in trouble with the Cleric, the Judge, and sometimes even the Princess and the Knight.

Healer (Keyword: Healing)

A soft-spoken caring person, the Healer uses knowledge and inner wisdom to heal not only the body, but the heart, soul, and mind as well. Still, she is frequently questioned as to the nature of her Healing: is she allied with dark forces? Is she ethical in her practices? Whom does she choose to heal, and whom does she choose not to heal? These questions have brought her into conflict with others, particularly the Princess, the Judge, and the Cleric.

Hunter (Keyword: Seeking)

All who wander are not lost: the Hunter especially. She's never lost. Despite the fact that she frequently doesn't know *where* to go, the Hunter is never unable to figure out how to get there. Because she's a person of the Forests, she knows faeries when she sees them, and very little escapes her eagle eyes. Still, she doesn't always do what's important in the eyes of the Judge or the Princess and is occasionally found aiding the Gypsy and the Faeries.

Jester (Keyword: Say Anything / The Truth)

The jester is allowed to say anything, and he usually does! No one may harm him as long as he is acting as the Jester. Of course, if he should try to change his ways and become something else (a lawyer, a banker, a knight), then he'd lose that ability. Everyone likes him, although frequently people don't like it when he turns his wit on them!

Judge (Keyword: Justice)

He has the job of keeping order in society, as far as he sees it. He must punish those who transgress and deliver justice to those who are in the wrong. Over the years he's heard a lot of stories, and has learned to listen out for lies. He seems to be able to tell when anyone is lying! Furthermore, he doesn't have much of a sense of humor. He also hates to ever admit when he's wrong - even if it's obvious that he is. The Judge is very serious, and he doesn't particularly like the Gypsy or the Hunter, and is suspicious of the Healer. He relies on the Princess, however, to carry out his judgements by ordering the Knight to enforce the law.

Knight (Keyword: Faith)

A warrior of nobility, loyalty, honor, and faith, the Knight has (some say), the magical, invisible sword Credo. This sword is unable to harm those who profess belief in something. His belief in his own God is what keeps him strong and safe. He has heard rumors about ghosts, monsters and faeries - but isn't sure whether he should believe in them. His liege is the Princess, the person to whom he swears fealty - he has sworn to protect her from harm and keep safe the Kingdom. He is occasionally in conflict with the Gypsy and the Hunter because of their lawless ways. Although he does not serve the Judge directly, the Judge is able to ask the Princess to command him to do things, and frequently he is the one who seeks out criminals for final judgement.

Monster (Keyword: Fear)

There are such things as monsters! It's been said that monsters lurk on the corners of every shadow. This particular monster thrives on scaring others! Who knows where the monster's secret lair is - but he can escape there whenever he wants. Although many don't believe he exists, the faeries know and they're kind of scared of him. Who knows what he might do if he catches you?

Page (Keyword: Innocence)

The page is youthful and his honor and innocence protect him. Because of this, he sees things that are hidden and is frequently safe from harm. He will retain this protection unless he breaks a promise or lies to another person. He is very good friends with the Princess, and is her servant as well. Although he is not a great warrior, his aura of protection can be very beneficial for those who are standing near him.

Princess (Keyword: Status)

The Princess is in charge. Ever since her father, the King and her mother, the Queen went on vacation, she has been in charge of the whole kingdom! This means she wield authority over all the citizens of her country and is the one everyone must obey! Of course, that doesn't mean she always gets her way. No - some citizens aren't exactly respectful of the Crown: particularly the Gypsy and the Hunter. She has heard stories all her life about faeries and ghosts and monsters, but doesn't believe in them at all. Others don't recognize her right to rule them - particularly the Judge and the Cleric. Her only true friends are the Page and the Knight, who have both promised to serve and aid her in her duties. Perhaps it's not so great to be the Princess after all?

Sage (Keyword: Wisdom)

The Sage is the wise woman. She has come from a very old tradition that was young when the earth was new. Her wisdom is great, and yet it is known she is troubled because she does not know who will take up her tradition after she is dead and gone. She tries to be on good terms with all beings - not just humans, but animals and the unknown as well. She is known to be friends with the Healer, but frequently comes into conflict with the Judge, whom she says isn't always right.

Scientist (Keyword: Reason)

The scientist is perfectly aware of all the reasons for things, and no event, occurrence, or person is unexplainable to his way of thinking. In fact, everything, as far as he's concerned, has a logical explanation. Of course, he doesn't believe in faeries, ghosts, and monsters - he's willing to believe that they might exist, but won't truly believe it until the theory is proven. He is known to be good friends with the King (who is the Princess' father), and with the Judge - they frequently have debates. He is not very good friends with the Sage, the Healer, the Jester, or even the Cleric - all of them represent unrealistic things or beliefs. His strength is really in his ability to think things through.

Six Stones