Six Stones

Parental Q&A

Q: What is a LARP anyway?

A: A LARP (Live Action Role Play) is an interactive, social roleplaying experience where people take on specific roles and interact within those roles to play a game based on make-believe.

Q: What about fighting and violence in the game?

A: One of the very first rules I teach is "No touching, no running, no stunts." There is no rough-housing, horseplay, or other mischief allowed in the game. The whole point of Mind's Eye Theatre LARPing is to be safe and not require people to run or hurt people or otherwise cause trouble. Obviously, as in every fantasy story, there is going to be character-oriented conflict - and some characters carry imaginary weapons in the game. The lesson of the story of the game is that you can only succeed through cooperation - solving your goals by force alone is not going to get you anywhere.

Q: Will my children have to know all of the rules before they play?

A: No, the rules will be taught on-site.

Q: Will it cost anything extra?

A: No, although the game is only open to registered attendees of DragonCon.

Q: How do I register my child(ren) for Six Stones?

A: Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis and open only to registered attendees of DragonCon. Pre-registered DragonCon attendees with online access will be able to submit their early registration online for Six Stones, more details to come. Once confirmed to play, pre-registered players will receive a character information pack through email, so you can go ahead and pick out costumes and know what you are playing.

Q: What about parental supervision or participation? Can parents watch?

A: Parents are of course welcome to participate (as a mentor, but not a character) and to watch, to come and go as they please.

Q: Is this game satanic?

A: No. It has nothing to do with the occult or Satan-worship, although there are characters who are magical in nature.

Q: You first ran this game at church. Is this game some kind of advertisement for your church or religion?

A: No. It's just a fun game.

Q: Why do you want to run a LARP with children?

A: Because kids have a unique perspective and incredible imaginations. Last time I ran this LARP, I was su prised at all the unexpected plot twists and turns that took place as a result of my story. I was also impressed at what a positive experience it was for my son, Rowan, who played in the story - the experience was very memorable and made a lasting positive impression on him. Children are all roleplayers at heart!

Q: What do you think are the benefits of a LARP?

A: Socially, I think that LARPs allow children to blossom and, through playing another role, realize more about themselves and their own personality. Also, children spend most of their time feeling absolutely powerless. When you are handed a sheet of paper that says, "Here you are, you're the Princess" or "Here, you're a Hunter with a magical arrow that can never miss its target" - well, it is a sense of power and this can help build self-esteem. Plus, LARPs are a lot of fun and are a good way to make and keep new friends.

Q: Do I have to spend a lot of money and make some kind of incredible costume?

A: Costumes are not required - we are all playing make-believe here, and you can show up in a t-shirt and jeans if you like and still be a Gypsy or a Fairy Cat. However, I encourage you to figure out some kind of costume to fit your child's role - frequently you can find inexpensive props and/or costumes for rent or for sale (even at the convention!) and you can also easily make your own. For the more ambitious, click here for some sewing hints. Think of it like Halloween.

Q: The event lasts four hours. Won't the kids get hungry?

A: You are welcome to bring snacks and sodas to share (as long as you are in keeping with DragonCon facilities rules, of course). Such refreshment will not impair the festivities.

Six Stones