Six Stones

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This page is about my newest LARP experience, Six Stones. This LARP was originally designed for play at my local church, but it is non-denominational and does not espouse a specific religion (although there is a Priest character in the story). The story revolves around 15 archetypal characters and is set in the Magical Country, a place of wonder and fantasy. For rules, I am using an extremely modified version of the Mind's-Eye Theatre rules published by White Wolf. In the story, six magical stones of power have been lost and are sought by a Magician. Each player has their own goal to accomplish and comes with their own set of friends and conflicts.

Six Stones was a tremendous success at Dragon Con 99!

We are currently trying to get a berth at the Festival of Dreams in February to play Six Stones one more time. Watch this spot for details.

I took some pictures at Dragon*Con of the game, they will be uploaded as soon as they are developed.


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