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Memories of Sweethearts, Lovers and Might-have-Beens

In case you're keeping score, you can track my serial monogamy in high school like this: Diana-->(Jonna)-->Sheila-->-->Laura-->Kristin-->Stacy/Sonia -->(Kim)-->Graduation. The ones in parentheses, I didn't actually date, but that helps you track their origin in my life. Those astrologically minded of you might want their Sun Signs, so here they are: Sheila was a Cancer, Diana was a Libra, Jonna a Scorpio, Laura a Cancer (but there was Saggitarius in her chart something fierce), Kristin an Aquarius, Stacy a Scorpio, Sonia a Libra, and Kim an Aquarius. Interesting, no? Especially when you consider I eventually married a Libra, and now am partnered with a Scorpio.

Please note: I would love to hear from anyone who's listed on this page. If you really hate your paragraph, I will be glad to delete it or change it. I don't want to embarass anyone or hurt them with this page. I have kept it as discreet as I can.

Sheila Shaw

Diana Crawford

(or Diane Crawford - she was called both, but I called her Diana)


Laura Dunn

Kristin Faber

Stacy Giadrosich


Kimberly Smith