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"Why I am an Amazon Associate"

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I am an Amazon Associate, which means that if you order books through this web page, you will be not only getting a really good price on the book and sending money to the publisher of the book, you will also be generating revenue for Sam Chupp.

But wait, you say, "Sam, don't you already get royalties on the books and games you wrote and created?" The answer is "No." Although I received an initial payment for most of the writing below, I did not get one red cent of royalties or residuals because of a "work for hire" standard contract.

Even though many of these books have seen countless reprints (at very large print runs) and have generated cascading profits for the companies that published them, I am not included in that abundance. While this disparity no longer angers me like it once did (after all, I knew what I was doing when I signed the contracts, however rapacious they were), I am throwing a bone to practicality by adding Associate status to this page.

It would be a mitzvah for you to buy your books through this interface as Amazon will actually pay me real $$$. They will only pay me if you use this interface - if you go to Amazon seperately and search for my books, they won't reward me for your purchase. It costs you nothing extra. If there is something you'd like to get and don't see it here, let me know and I will add it as a link.

So, to recap, I am selling books through my home page because: